Theses List
No. Theses Titles Level Student Name Present Date
1    Investigating the impact of consumer-based brand equity on brand loyalty and satisfaction ( case study: water waves land)    M.Sc.    fattahi, somaye    2014-05-03
2    Investigating effective factors on consumer intention to adopt mobile commerce    M.Sc.    moayyedian, lida    2014-05-05
3    Configuration of manufacturing strategy decision areas and competitive priorities in line production systems    M.Sc.    redbagsha, reza    2014-05-06
4    Investigation on Quality factors affecting customer loyalty by satisfaction in banking services (Refah bank)    M.Sc.    sheibani noghabi, nasrin    2014-06-10
5    Identification and ranking the Critical success factor for implementation of knowledge management (Case Study: Jihad-e keshavarzi Organization in Sistan and Baluchestan Province)    M.Sc.    sobhkhiz, maryam    2014-06-17
6    Examining the effect of perceived quality and brand associations on brand equity with mediating role of brand loyalty. ( The case of : The key costomers of mellat bank in mashhad)    M.Sc.    attaran zadeh, ali reza    2014-11-11
7    Designing business Intelligence Base on Research Data Ontology (Case study: Ferdowsi University Of Mashhad)    M.Sc.    Raoufnezhad, Marzieh    2014-12-09
8    Assessment and Prioritization of Existing Challenges and Opportunities in the Export of Technical and Engineering Services in Construction Industry    M.Sc.    AZIZI, ELAHEH    2015-01-20
9    Investigating the effects of firm affective commitment to loyal customers on customers citizenship behavior by mediating role of customers affective commitment to firm    M.Sc.    safehian, jalil    2015-03-09
10    Examine the evolution of the concept of organizational effectiveness based on historical scientific evidence by meta-analysis method and Grounded theory    M.Sc.    rahmannia, maryam    2015-05-04
11    Study of effect of affordance-based beliefs and innovation diffusion theory on internet banking adoption- based beliefs (Case Study: Mashhad Saderat Bank Customers)    M.Sc.    ashoury keyvany, maryam    2015-05-04
12    Investigating the effect of innovation characteristics and individual characteristics on intention to use of mobile banking with mediating role of customer readiness (case study: user of Saderat mobile banking in Mashhad)    M.Sc.    ataee charmi, mahrooz    2015-05-05
13    Identification and ranking factors in success of cellular manufacturing system by using hybrid technique of ANP and QFD    M.Sc.    javid, seyed mohammad amin    2015-06-30
14    ( Evaluation of the leagile on chinese industry(case study Maghsoud Factories Group)    M.Sc.    rajei palakoei, elmira    2015-10-27
15    Application of Fuzzy Quality Function Deployment metod for product design in the carpet industry (case study: Handmade carpets of Quchan city    M.Sc.    omidvar, akram    2015-11-17
16    Designing an Interactive Model for Practices of Green Supply Chain Management and applying it in Grouping for Analyzing Green Performance    Ph.D    ghorbanpour, ahmad    2015-11-22
17    Approach Consolidated Model to choose a quality management system based on the benefits of their applications in the automotive industry using Fuzzy Dematel Technique and Analysis Network Process    M.Sc.    galehdar, elham    2016-03-09
18    Investigating The effect of affective and cognitive trust on the use of social network and sharing of knowledge on individual learning (case of the Teachers' schools of Mashhad)    M.Sc.    rajabi, maryam    2016-04-05
19    Human reliability analysis with an integrated approach HTA and fuzzy CREAM method (Case Study: Mashhad Subway Company)    M.Sc.    mahdi rezaee, fariba    2016-05-24
20    Survey of agility domain of Mashban Bank branch managers in Khorasan Razavi province    M.Sc.    khoshkhoo, ahmad    2016-06-07
21    QSPM MATRIX    M.Sc.    Torkamani, Kimiya    2016-09-13
22    The impact of brand experience on brand loyalty with the mediating role of cognitive dimensions of brand equity and hedonic emotion (Case Study: Samsung mobile phone users in Mashhad)    M.Sc.    morid ahmadi, sepideh    2016-09-27
23    Investigating the effect of customer participation on the return intent with the mediating role of value co-creation and the affective commitment (case of study: Mellat Bank’s customers in Mashhad)    M.Sc.    Fatemi, Seyedeh Saman    2016-09-27
24    Designing a Multi-Objective Multi-Product Multi-Period Inventory Management and Routing Model in a Two-Level Distribution Network of Veterinary Drugs    Ph.D    Farajzadeh, Saeideh    2017-01-17
25    (Modeling of new product development process and proposing some solutions to improve development time by employing system dynamic approach in a science based company (Case of Nian Electronic Company    M.Sc.    attarmoghaddam, neda    2017-03-07
26    Investigating the effect of university service quality on emotional attachment to brand by mediating role of total experience (case of study: M.A students of self managed of Ferdowsi University of Mashhad)    M.Sc.    Vahidi, Mostafa    2017-03-07
27    (The impact of e-WOM participation on loyalty with the mediation role of personal and social site identification(Case of study: Customers of Digikala website    M.Sc.    Tatari, Shahryar    2017-03-07
28    Investigating the effect of corporate social responsibility on patient’s loyalty by mediating role of corporate reputation (Case of study: patients of Mehr Hospital)    M.Sc.    gholami vasmejani, maryam    2017-05-02
29    Investigating the effect of risk, percieved advantage and disadvantage on satisfaction and internet re-purchase intention(Case of mashhad ferdowsi university students)    M.Sc.    arab, maryam    2017-05-16
30    Determining The Number And Dynamic Locating Of Mobile Facilities In Case Of social Crisis Using Agent-Based Simulation    Ph.D    hozhabrossadati, seyyed morteza    2017-05-23
31    Designing the Model of Multi-objective Flexible Job Shop Scheduling With New Job Insertion, Earliness/Tardiness Penalty and Fuzzy Processing Time    Ph.D    Seyyedi, Mir Hossein    2017-06-20
32    Taxonomy of Supply Chain Sustainability Strategies in Manufacturing Companies of Khorasan Razavi Province    Ph.D    alaee, hossein    2017-10-31
33    A model to predict small and medium food industry enterprises growth based on combination of artificial intelligence and metaheuristic    Ph.D    Ebrahimkhani, Hamed    2017-12-12
34    Designing Dynamic Model of the Influences of Just-in-Time, Total Quality Management and Total Productive Maintenance on the Environmental Impacts in the production system.    Ph.D    Feili, Ardalan    2018-01-23
35    Fuzzy Quality Function Deployment combination with Fuzzy Kano Model for Ergonomic Product Improvement    M.Sc.    abdi, nastaran    2018-04-17
36    Assessment the quality of the services of the e-Learning system of Ferdowsi University using the model, ISO / IEc 9126, FANP    M.Sc.    kashi toroghi, ramin    2018-04-24
37    Investigating the Effect of Marketing Mix on Acceptance of Super-Absorber in Service deputy and Urban Environment of Mashhad Municipality    M.Sc.    mahdavikia, zahra    2018-05-01
38    Increasing the capability of services to customers through improving mobile banking services by employing combination of FMEA and TODIM    M.Sc.    gorouhi, elham    2018-05-01
39    Presentation of the 3PL Implementation Framework with Empowerment Approach Of Third-Party Logistics Provider Companies    Ph.D    Aliei, Maryam    2018-05-13
40    Explanation and cognotion of big data’s barriers and drivers in development of Iran’s electronic government with design science approach    Ph.D    Judi, elham    2018-05-22
41    Inventory Modeling in LARG Supply Chain by using System Dynamic (Case Study: Persian Carpet Company )    M.Sc.    sagharidooz, motahare    2018-07-08